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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Connectivity and Throughput tests?
This series of tests consist of the following:

Normal Download- This test is being conducted to assess your Internet connection speed via HTTP (unencrypted connection). A 384KB HTML file, containing non-confidential data is downloaded via port 80 to the client's desktop and the speed is recorded.

Secure Download- This test records the speed at which a 384Kb HTML file containing non-confidential data is downloaded via port 443 to the client's desktop. This speed should be slower than the normal download test since the connection is through a secure connection using HTTPS.

Secure Burst Download- This test records the speed at which a series of five files (32Kb each) containing non-confidential data downloads via HTTPS (port 443).

Processing and Throughput- A single file containing non-confidential data is scanned using the Browser installed on the client's desktop. The Java Applets option must be enabled of the Web browser for successful completion of this test.

IP Address- Check My PC records your source IP address to determine if IP address switching is present. IP address switching occurs when networks use proxies to load balance Internet traffic. Each proxy has its own IP address, and hence if traffic is being bounced from proxy to proxy, a new source IP address to the Internet is evidenced.

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