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Multibank Cash Concentration via the Web

Multibank Cash Concentration Services through CitiDirect Online Banking, offered together with Metavante Corporation, gives you the online tools you need to effectively reduce idle balances and streamline investing activities for better control over day-to-day cash flows.

Deposit and Information Reporting

Using CitiDirect Online Banking your field offices are able to report depository activity to one central location, initiating funds movement from local accounts to the concentration account in real time to maximize revenue potential while minimizing costs. With comprehensive, user-defined reports – you have access to the information you need to make critical business decisions with speed and accuracy.

Automated Cash Concentration

Citibank Automated Cash Concentration through CitiDirect proactively moves money directly from depository banks when balances go above a pre-determined level for faster concentration of funds. By eliminating the need for various locations to manually report on balances and transaction activity, you will have access to the most accurate, up-to-the-minute information available to fully capitalize on investment opportunities. With flexible controls that allow you to adjust concentration parameters and frequency throughout the day, you are able to manage cash positions more effectively.

Customer Initiated Payments

A completely automated payment process, Citibank Customer Initiated Payments enables your customers to provide payment information by touch-tone phone, computer via a direct dial up or calling one of our live operators – accelerating the movement of money while reducing paperwork and saving time. Payment details are then transmitted directly to CitiDirect Online Banking for easy access to custom reports to ensure funds are used for to ensure the greatest benefit.

Fully automated solutions for more effective cash management

Multibank Cash Concentration Services through CitiDirect Online Banking automates the concentration of funds across multiple accounts, giving you access to detailed, custom reports for increased efficiency over the management of your daily cash positions throughout your entire organization.

For more information on Citibank Multibank Cash Concentration through CitiDirect Online Banking, please contact your Citibank Service Representative to schedule a demonstration, or complete our Information Request Form.

Multibank Cash Concentration features, functionality and reports may vary by country. Please check with your Citibank representative for more details. All funds are transferred to Citibank via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network.
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