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Working in today's global market means your customers and partners operate across different regions. For over 35 years, Citibank has been the premier provider of Insurance Letters of Credit in this global market. Now CitiDirect Online Banking, utilizing sophisticated technology, security and control expands this capability.

CitiDirect Online Banking lets you fulfill your obligations, as a non-admitted reinsurer in the U.S. market, fast and effectively by issuing letters of credit (LC) online. You benefit from an easy process that gives you total control over the letters of credit issuance and instant access to a wealth of accurate and up-to-date information.

CitiDirect enables you to initiate online your request to open or amend a letter of credit. It lets you transact across secured Internet or dial-up access to monitor the transaction status of your applications and track individual letter of credit history. With CitiDirect Online Banking, you can extract daily statements, giving you the information you need to control your business more effectively.

For more information on Insurance Letters of Credit through CitiDirect Online Banking, please contact your Citibank Service Representative to schedule a demonstration, or complete our Information Request Form.
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