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A comprehensive payments solution—globally and locally

CitiDirect Online Banking offers you a single point of contact for all your international payment activities – enabling you to initiate and track transactions online and in real time across a broad range of payment methods, including:

Domestic and cross-border funds transfers
Book funds transfers

Simplified, secure transaction management

CitiDirect Online Banking automates as many processes as possible, bringing uniformity to the payment transaction process. This simplified approach enables you to prepare payment files for multiple currencies and destinations while ensuring seamless integration into virtually any system around the world.

To guard against internal fraud and error, the CitiDirect platform provides online audit trails to track all system activity. Plus, a dual-control security capability enables second-party verification prior to processing for greater accuracy throughout each transaction.

Timely, accurate information

CitiDirect Online Banking provides access to accurate, real-time status on account structures across your entire organization, including detailed:

Reports on cash balance, cash statements and transaction initiation, as well as reports related to WorldLink Multicurrency Transaction Services
Account statements and consolidated position reports
Transaction summaries by account number, value date, transaction type and currency

The CitiDirect platform also makes it easy to initiate payment repairs, investigations and modifications online for faster resolution.

With multilingual global payments specialists available to help you develop a Web-based strategy that meets your needs, and our powerful reporting capabilities—CitiDirect Online Banking delivers the information you need to move, manage and invest your balances to streamline processes and reduce operational costs.

For more information on Payments through CitiDirect Online Banking, please contact your Citibank Service Representative today to schedule a demonstration, or complete our Information Request Form.

Payments features and functionality may vary by country. Please check with your Citibank representative for more details.
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