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CitiDirect Online Banking offers you reliable, highly secure Web-based access to Citibank's global banking network from any of your locations worldwide. CitiDirect is accessible via an Internet/Intranet connection.

A Dial-up or a Dedicated Internet connection gives you access to CitiDirect Online Banking, providing you with fast, convenient and secure access to Citibank's services. If Internet connectivity is not available to you, see your Citibank service representative for information on how to dial into CitiDirect through Citibank's private dial-up network.

CitiDirect Online Banking also provides a secure and efficient method for Citibank to send and receive data to and from customers. Data encryption protects data from being viewed by people who are not authorized users. CitiDirect uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Version 3, a protocol designed to provide privacy between a Web client and server. SSL V.3 uses financial institution level 128-bit encryption, enabled by specialized digital certificates, to allow you to establish a secure Internet session.

CitiDirect Online Banking is thin client software, which means that the bulk of your transaction processing occurs on centralized servers, maintained and managed by Citibank. You no longer need to store and maintain database files on your local workstation.
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