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Anti-Money Laundering
Argentina specific information Documentation required and Frequently Asked Questions
Bangladesh, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam specific information Details and Frequently Asked Questions
EMEA Anti-Money Laundering Overview As a result of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation in a number of countries across the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region, banking institutions are now subject to an additional mandatory duty to verify the personal identity and collect the documents of each person who authorises payment transactions.
Hong Kong specific information Details of the HK AMLO requirements
India Accounts - Customer Due Diligence Requirement India Accounts - Customer Due Diligence Requirement
Which users are affected by the EMEA AML legislation? Information about which users may be affected by the EMEA AML legislation.
EMEA AML Instructions for Security Managers How to identify your CitiDirect users who need to supply documents for compliance with EMEA AML legislation, and what to do if you give a new or existing user access to a regulated branch account.
EMEA AML Instructions if you do not have a Security Manager at your client Template letter and what to do when everything is complete.
EMEA AML Requirements Schedule A listing of the countries, their documentary requirements and retention periods.
Where to send your documents (EMEA) The EMEA Citi branch addresses where you should send your documents.
AML User by Client Report How to use the AML report.
Hungary specific information Documents required for Hungary accounts.
Russia specific information Details of the Russian requirements.
Contacts Contact details for any additional questions.
EMEA AML FAQ Most frequently asked questions about EMEA AML.